DISI Project – A002

DISI Project – A002

The Ministry of Water and Irrigation (MWI) has awarded Gama Energy the development of a water conveyance system from Disi-Mudawarra to Amman on (BOT) basis. The scope of the project focused on providing facilities to supply additional urban water to the Greater Amman Area from the Rum Aquifer in Southern Jordan, a distance of approximately 325 km from Amman. Project includes building, operating and maintaining facilities for a period of twenty-five (25) years, which will then be led by the MWI.  

Gama is currently the EPC contractor; however, works have been subcontracted, ConEx being one of Gama Subcontractors. 

Our scope of work includes construction of Wellfield Area Ductile Iron & Steel Pipeline Network for a value around 7.4 million USD. Includes Earthworks, Civil Works, Right of Way (ROW), Service Roads, Cathodic Protection and Fiber Optic Cable Transmission System).

Year Completed:  2012

Location:  Mudawara– Jordan