Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Altogether six complete departments are housed within this building complex- The Department Architecture plus the Departments of Civil, Chemical, Electrical, Industrial and Mechanical Engineering.

Each individual department enjoys its full complement of staff rooms and offices.

The main auditorium, seating 270 persons, its fully equipped with the latest audio/visual technology, including a closed circuit system. Simultaneous translating facilities and a public address system. Two lecture halls, each seating 240, a large computer room, spacious library and a modern cafeteria ensure the comfort of today’s student.

The two laboratory sections are further subdivided into separate smaller laboratories including a strong slab room with underground equipment and measuring devices for the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Tanks for fuel and for water are located both underground and on the roof. A network of the roads and car parking areas completes this comprehensive new faculty for the University of Jordan.

Project Value: 20 million USD

Year Completed:  1983

LocationAmman – Jordan