Russaifa Grain Silo

Russaifa Grain Silo

As a sub-contractor on a turn-key basis in civil works for Gerico France, ConEx has completed the project (Located off Amman-Zarqa highway) which entailed alterations and addition for the conversion of existing of existing four single bin concrete silos (originally used by Jordan Phosphate Company) to be utilized as a storage facility for grain.

ConEx’s scope of work comprised of design, construction and handing over of a fully operational head house building with a total height of 24 meters, a truck loading concrete building, administration and other facilities building and road works.

ConEx also carried our civil works re-inforcement to strengthen and secure the existing four silos walls of 26 meters internal diameters and 20 meters height by postensioning process and circular pre-stressing forces in addition to corrosion treatment.

This project commenced in September 1994 and was completed in September 1996.

Project Value: 1.6 million USD

Year Completed:  1996

Location:  Russaifa– Jordan